Tuesday, July 8, 2014

July Challenge Day 8: Aquarium Problem

I was introduced to this problem last summer by Shelli. I never actually used the problem but I intend to this year. I LOVE how it is such a higher-order thinking problem that can be used at so many levels. Pre-Cal, Algebra 2, my Bridging classes.. you name it. Like I've said before, I really want to take problems like this and make them applicable to all levels. I hope to use it with my classes in the first week of school.

I love how all the answers are not near as straightforward as most things. You really have sit and think about the situation that is being represented.

Aquarium Problem

Short post. I'm scrounging for interesting things to write about. My mind is wanting to start working on my units. I'm feeling that panic that you feel when school is coming. Where to begin?
I have PD tomorrow so maybe that will give me some of the inspiration I need.

Have an awesome Tuesday!


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