Thursday, July 3, 2014

July Blogging Challenge: Day 2, PARCC Released Items

Y' anyone out there (Titanic, ya feel me?), reading this? I feel like a loser newbie blogger :)

So, since Arkansas is still very much in favor of common core and testing at the high school level is soon to begin. I want to start giving my kiddos more and more higher order thinking problems that are common core aligned. Most people hate what questions they've seen that are aligned to common core. Some are absolutely ridiculous and unnecessary. But, I'll let you in on a little dirty secret...I like most of 'em. (Shhhh..don't tell all of those parents who rant and rave about how horrible common core will be.) So, with my goal in mind, I have spent a little more time looking at PARCC and found some pretty decent problem solving tasks aligned to different grade levels.

Check out this website for a full list of high school mathematics released items.

I love this one on Algebra II discussing temperature changes by identifying types of functions with real-life models.

I like this one for Algebra I. I don't teach Algebra I anymore but I hope to teach it in my Bridging classes.

I would love for you guys to spend some time looking at these tasks and telling me what you think and how they can be used in different ways in class. How could we extend some of the tasks for higher levels of mathematics?

Happy July 2nd! Let's pretend it's not past midnight.



  1. Hi Brooke,

    First of all, I think that your choice to blog is wonderful. Don't worry about who is or isn't reading it, use is as a reflective place for you to grow and challenge yourself. I have found myself learning more about my teaching and learning as I blog, whether or not anyone else is reading it. BTW, we are reading yours.

    I too love CCSS, and know that there will be challenges as we implement and teach parents why this is so important, but I feel it is an important change for us to make.

    Keep it up.

  2. Hey girl..
    I have to echo Teresa here... your write for your own personal growth and reflection and the readers will eventually come.

    My state pulled out of PARCC and now has pulled out of CCSS entirely, so I'm not much help :(

  3. Finally someone else who likes some of this common core stuff and the questions being proposed! I see how it can be good. Of course, there will be challenges and issues with the implementation but I am seeing some cool stuff. I like the stuff you sited and I'm glad I found (okay you told me about it) your blog. You've got awesome stuff to share. :)