Sunday, July 13, 2014

July Blogging Challenge Day 13: Ramblings...

Hey y'all! I don't have any new resources to share but I should soon! We've been busy, busy, busy so I've missed the last couple of days!

Friday, we celebrated 10 years since my husband's best friend was in a plane crash at the age of 16. He was severely burned on much of his body. We went to high school together so I can remember those times. Now, he is stronger than ever and not limited in any way! So, every year, his closest friends and family get together to celebrate his "burnt-day." You should hear the story of his wife trying to explain to the Great American Cookie Company lady about what his cookie cake should say. "10 years krispy." The lady thought she had said "10 years kristy" with a plane on fire. haha! If you want to hear the full story, here is the link that a news channel in central Arkansas did on Friday. Definitely a hero!

Saturday and Sunday have been a little more low key. Yesterday, my little family worked out in the yard. We have two Siberian huskies. When I was walking from the backyard to the front, I accidentally left the gate unlatched and they made a run for it. Needless to say, my hubby was not overly excited that he had to go searching for them for an hour. Good news: they are back--safe and sound!
Today, we went to church and came home and lazed around. I have a sinus headache so I took it upon myself to not do too much cleaning today :) This was my first week of my LAST CLASS of grad school. [Cue the hallelujah chorus]. So, today I finished up my assignment for this week and turned that in. Procrastination at its finest! Now, little man is asleep and hubby is at work. The usual around here.

Some goals for this week:
1. Start working on my classroom d├ęcor
2. Really get my bridging curriculum nailed down. I loved my kids in there but I need more structure next year than I had this year. I felt like I was always at a loss for where to go next after each concept. That class has a lot of freedom with it that I hope to make more useful next year.
3. Work on PAP Alg. 2 by really altering and solidifying my first unit.

Have a great Monday!

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