Monday, July 7, 2014

July Blog Challenge Day 7: Graphing Rational Functions Group Quiz

Not entirely sure what to blog about tonight so I will just share something I did in my classroom this year that I enjoyed.

While browsing pinterest, I found where a teacher had her students sketch the graphs of rational functions on the sidewalk as practiced. I loved this idea because, when graphing crazy rational functions, kids need lots of practice! The day I had planned on doing this with my kids ended up being extremely cold and they are sissies :) So, instead, students paired up in groups of two. I had them grab a whiteboard and a slip of four rational functions. There were three different sets of rational functions so a lot of the groups didn't have the same functions as the groups immediately next to them. I also used this to differentiate with the kids so that I could give groups who needed the basics a little simpler problems and other groups more difficult ones to challenge them.

As they complete each function, I went around and took pictures with my iPad. This is how I graded them. I won't lie. Grading was a little bit of a pain but once I established a system in place, it got a little quicker.

This took my kids WAY longer than I expected but I was really proud of how much effort they put into it and how much it helped them solidify the concepts. Plus, they LOVE whiteboards and so do I. I'm definitely wanting to learn more ways to challenge my kids using whiteboards. I'm attaching the functions below along with the key which has the graphs. The Vertical and horizontal asymptotes and intercepts that I asked them to list I actually wrote in by hand so that won't be on the key part. I know it's not much but maybe it can generate a couple of ideas for ya with rationals. Hope it's somewhat useful!

Sidewalk/Whiteboard Group Quiz

Have a great night!



  1. Can you tell more about the Ipad grading? Did you use the photos to grade? How did you provide feedback?

    1. I was very specific at what I told them to list on the whiteboard. It helped with grading. I also had them turn in their half sheets of paper that had their rational functions on them and that is where I put the feedback. I pulled out the groups half sheet, found their photos on my ipad, and got to work. I liked the fact that I didn't have to lug around a ton of papers. Hope to do it more often this year. I'd like to think of something similar to have them do with desmos. Maybe find a rational function with VA's at "x" and "y" spots.