Algebra 2 Interactive Notebook Pages

On this page, I will share Interactive Notebook pages I have used with my Algebra 2 students...

This, in now, makes the claim that they are awesome. Just sharing ideas to help you generate some.

Some pages are from other bloggers who I will do my best to give credit to every chance I get. If one of the pages is yours, please let me know so I can give you the credit if I didn't. Y'all let me know if these are helpful to you. I will continue to add as I make changes throughout the school year.

Keep in mind this was my first year for INB's. You will probably see the growth as the year progresses. Still lots of things to alter/take-out/re-arrange for next year.

Characteristics of Functions/Brief Linear

Linear Verbal Descriptions                                 

  Interval Notation (Already Mismatched)

(both pages swiped from Sarah Hagan :))

 Again, Sarah Hagan

Summarizing Transformations Foldable Made this one to summarize our findings in transformations of parent graphs.

From Elissa Miller    



Matching Activity for different forms of Quadratics

I just took a picture of myself hosing down my kid with the water hose on my iPad. I'm a great mom. :)






























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