Friday, July 11, 2014

July Blog Challenge Day 10: Oh Dave...

I don't have anything "math teacher-y" to blog about tonight. I've had a lot of teacher things on my mind but haven't had the chance to get to work. I am looking for some ideas on where to get CHEAP stuff for your classroom. I've been super cheap lately but I am wanting to change a few things in the classroom for the new school year.

My husband and I are just beginning Dave Ramsey. I have to admit, when I get something in my head that I'm going to do, I get a little bit obsessive about it. I wake up thinking about budgets. Go to bed thinking about get the picture. I am really excited to pay off some debt. Luckily, we don't have little to any credit card debt. But, oh, those student loans....
Hubby will finish in August with a masters in Family and Marriage AND Community Counseling. 68 freaking grad hours to a PRIVATE school. AKA, an arm and a leg.

I will graduate in August with a masters in Curriculum and Instruction which is typically only 30 hours. But, oh, me...I changed my emphasis after about 6 classes so I will graduate with a masters plus 18 hours. Yeah, I'm dumb.

So, I'm definitely looking for points for those who have done well on creating budgets or have completed Dave Ramsey and ideas to make a little extra moo-lah.


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  1. Dollar Tree and Target Dollar Spot are my go-to places :) I stock up on back to school sales as well. Oh, and the clearance after the back to school sales... I usually get post-its for WAY cheap at Office Depot around Labor Day because they are on clearance.