Sunday, August 17, 2014

First Day Plans & Classroom Set-up

First Day Plans
First day of school is tomorrow. I can't decide whether I'm nervous or not. I know I'm prepared because I've spent many nights this summer ensuring that I am well-prepared up until a couple units in but you always get that feeling wondering if you have done enough, what are you going to say, etc. I have two preps this year: 4 classes of Pre-AP Algebra 2 and 2 classes or Bridge to Algebra 2. We are on a standard schedule with 7 50-min classes a day.

After attending TMC '14, I decided to take a tip from the Algebra 2 guru himself-Glenn, and go straight into math with my PAP kids.  We will do bellwork first- Mental Math is what I am going to do every Monday. I am going to do Glenn's cell-phone project which will likely take 2 class days. I did tweak it a little and made a rubric for the kids to look at to know how I will grade their work. I'm excited about it but always a little nervous about the fact that this small project is totally on them the first day. I will have little input into their work which is sometimes hard for me to remind myself to relinquish control. They've got this. I think I'm going to have some awesome kiddos in these classes. Here's my version of the cell phone project: 

I used the "Cinnamon Cake" Font so that look of it might be a little weird until the font is changed back.

For Bridging, I like this order of operation activity I found from Math Teacher Mambo. It's several years old but I like how it addresses the kids weakest areas from the beginning. I will allow them to work on this activity silently for a while. Then, together. We will start with the bellworks we will do throughout. I debated on whether to do bellwork or not the first week of class since it will be mostly procedures but decided that this is an important procedure they will have to learn. We will go over the syllabus Tuesday or Wednesday.

Y'all let me know what you think!
Class Set-Up
When you get to my door. This is what you see. Found the idea for the design on pinterest and went with it. It was quite a bit more work than I had originally anticipated but it was worth it! I am so pleased with how it turned out. Don't look too close though--it has some flaws! :)

Update: I know these links are annoying but the pics weren't showing them up the other way I was sharing them so I just attached links to the pictures through google drive.
As you walk in, looking at the front of the room.
Above is a panoramic view of what you would see when you walk in.
Looking towards the door at the front of the room.
My podium (which I never use but for holding papers from time to time) that I painted and "bedazzled" with glitter and my chair that I covered myself. Pretty proud.
Looking back at the door. I made the cute kid in 2012 and the "Peace, Love, Pi" a couple of years ago. :)
Looking at the board on the right when you walk through the door.


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    1. I think I fixed it! Let me know if it still doesn't work!